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Established 1988

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Bimbo’s founder Robert Minor was 18 years old when he joined the US Marine Corps Reserve in 1950. Little did he know he would be called up for duty and find himself in North Korea by November of that year.

The Marines, as part of the United Nations forces, had successfully pushed the invading North Korean forces from South Korea back into North Korea almost to the Chinese border. What they didn’t know was China had amassed an army of 140,000 troops on the Chinese side of the border.

On November 27, 10,000 Marines were surrounded and attacked by 60,000 Chinese troops in what is now know as The Battle of Chosin Reservoir. The battle, in some of the harshest winter weather and roughest mountain terrain, lasted 17 days as the Marines fought their way to the Korean coast, inflicting heavy losses of 40,000 casualties on the Chinese forces. Those Marines, who protected 200,000 Korean refugees during the retreat, also sustained heavy casualties of 75% killed or wounded.

The surviving Marines became known as the Chosin Few. It is those Marines Bimbo’s honors every year at the Chosin Reunion.

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